Newman Florence Selfie


Last month, we asked our undergraduate students to tell us what they thought made their time at Newman most valuable. Here are just a few of the comments submitted by our current second-year students…


‘I would say that you all as lecturers make History at Newman special because of how approachable and generous of time you are to us. This is not always the case at other universities, but is something that I personally value a lot.’


Ben Whitehouse (Year 2, BA (Hons) History)


‘Assessment feedback; most of my friends [at other universities] envy the detailed feedback we get on our assignments.  I have shown a few friends my essays and feedback….we’re lucky!’


Solomon Lewis (Year 2, BA (Hons) History)


‘At Newman every member of the faculty knows you by name which allows you to feel at home and valued.’


Victoria Hingley (Year 2, BA (Hons) History)