At the Coventry Transport Museum

Another second year, Nick, tells us about his work placement…



For my second year undergraduate work placement I am lucky enough to be volunteering at the superb Coventry Transport museum.  Working with the education department, both formal and informal, I am gaining hugely valuable experience about the demands and pressures on education within the heritage sector.

I am one of several volunteers that give their time to the education department yet, feel like one of their team! Within my short time there every week I have been given huge amounts of responsibility which has kept me very interested for my time at the museum.  Something which you must have to keep yourself interested for 100 hours and the two subsequent assignments.  You’ve got to be interested!


The first project I was given was to create a family trail for the Easter holiday events.  This was a time sensitive job and would need to be executed well. The reception of it would be key.  Given that Coventry does not charge for entry the activities are charged at around £1.50 for a trail.  They are a very important part of the income targets which the museum staff are expected to meet and to keep the museum going for future generations.  There are further constraints of conducting hundreds of people around the museum, as the half-term week if one of the busiest for the museum.  My trail has been designed to take a different route from the one that runs alongside it so more people can be taken around through the days.


I am now embarking on another project with the Brose Learning Officer at the museum to try and explain gear ratios, something rather complex at its foundation to classes of Year 4 children.  A big challenge indeed, but just the sort I like!  I am currently in the planning stage but, keep an eye on my Student Union Twitter for more updates!



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