Applicant Visit Days…Help!

It’s that time of year when universities across the UK roll out the red carpet and invite applicants to come in, take a look around and generally get a feel for the place they might spend the next three years of their lives. One of our current second year undergrads, Bryannah Collins, gives Applicant Visit Day visitors some pointers on how to get the most out of the day…


As a former attendee of applicant visit days, both at Newman and elsewhere, I know that they may seem to be a bit boring, or if you have attended open days previously, a time- wasting activity. However, my attendance at the applicant visit day was vital in making my decision to attend Newman and it should prove vital to you too.




The key things you should use your applicant visit day for is to identify in depth the course structure and assessment methods. Although quite frankly, you’ll be lucky to find a universe where examination is not part of history degree, you should also look for assignment modes. By this I mean will you just be writing essays, or will you learn transferrable skills through blogging, presentations, posters, touring around a historic place of note or learning through placement in your desired field? This is important, as you’ll do much better if you are assessed in modes you find engaging. Do note though that good essay writing is a key skill in most subjects!


On my applicant visit day, I also wanted to ensure I got the most for my money, in multiple places of interest (a cynical method I know, but an important one too!). This included the range covered by the modules (with Newman’s course providing a variety from ancient Rome to 9/11), as you will then be ensuring that you are gaining as much information in as many areas as possible. I was also looking for quality in the facilities, and in my lecturers. This involved me simply chatting to the lecturers, who took the time to have a 1-1 with us, which made all the difference and highlighted the environment I would study in, as well as simply asking about the facilities such as the historical collection in the library.


Finally, I would advise to use your visit day to get a feel for the University, as you need to know it is a place where you’ll be happy to study and where you will be able to stay focused, because if not, you’re wasting a lot of money. Make sure you look at the way current students are interacting, the atmosphere and whether this is a place you can achieve the balance of not only the student life, but an academic life too.


Bryannah Collins


To everybody attending an applicant visit day, wherever it might be, enjoy it and try to get the most out of it that you can. To find out more about Applicant Visit Days at Newman, then visit our website.


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