Life after Newman: Henna Hussain

Henna Hussain graduated in 2016 after studying single honours History. Here, she tells us about how her experience at Newman helped her career goals.

My undergraduate studies at Newman allowed me to continue developing my passion for History. The small group seminars allowed me to engage with concepts and to discuss ideas with tutors and fellow students. The range of modules for History and the broad curriculum allowed me to develop a wide range of historical knowledge. Learning about what occurred and what happened as a result of that occurrence has always intrigued me. The broad range of modules at Newman, from Ancient Greece to understanding the Civil Rights and the Freedom Struggle in America, appealed to me, to grasp an insight into a range of different periods within History. Furthermore, I particularly enjoyed my third year as an undergraduate student at Newman where I was able to tailor my degree by choosing modules that I wanted to explore in more detail. My third year at Newman was probably my best year during my time studying there. I enjoyed the independence in researching and writing for my dissertation. It allowed me to explore a topic in more detail and the support and encouragement from the staff always motivated me to continue, what at the time seemed like an endless pit of research.


During my second year at Newman, I was able to pick a placement of my choice which allowed me to experience the type of career I would like to go into after my degree. This was an amazing experience because it presented me with the experience to understand what my career involved and how to achieve my goal.

My studies at Newman were invaluable towards my career choice and Newman not only allowed me to gain the necessary qualifications for me to continue onto further education to become a History teacher, but also prepared me as a well rounded student and a confident historian. I am currently studying a Secondary History PgDipEd course at the University of Birmingham. My studies at Newman allowed me to continue my passion for history and to continue to inspire students to enjoy History as much as I do. The history department’s enthusiasm for their subject and their continuing support, continue to motivate me to become an outstanding history teacher but also to continue learning.


Henna Hussain


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